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About the company

"DI&CON" has been in business for more than 7 years. We are a founding member of the Recruitment Agencies Association, license # 000036. We have 14 personnel consultants.

Main areas of work:

  • Searching for highly-qualified specialists in companies competing with you (excluding our clients).
  • Immediate selection of any qualified specialists from our database (more than 300 000 CVs)
  • In-company training of personnel and developing training programs (for salesmen, managers working with clients, salesmanagers, salesdirectors).
  • Testing and assessment of personnel.
  • Personnel and organization consulting.
  • Searching for regional representatives in any area of Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan.
  • Placement of temporary staff (anti-crisis manager, translater, interpreter, lawyer, auditor, marketing consultant, programmer and others).
  • Solving personnel difficulties as external.

For foreign companies and companies in Russia that don't have a representative in Moscow:

  • Searching for potential business partners
  • Finding a company representative who can work without registration of representative office or hiring of work premises.